News 2016


We would like to inform you that in the days of 23.12.2016 - 2.1.2017 the office of our company is closed.

20.6.2016 DIVADELNÍ 24

We are delighted to inform everyone interested in luxury living that our company has expanded its offer of flats in the successful Divadelni 24 project.

This apartment house, whose meticulous remodelling was completed by our company at the end of last year, stands out thanks to its new fasade, sandstone cladding on the first floor, and new windows.

With its sensitively remodelled reception and common spaces, unique location, and the most beautiful view in Prague - across the nearby park and the River Vltava, and towards the Sova Mills (Sovovy mlýny), the Lesser Town (Malá Strana), and Petřín Hill - the apartment house is intended for people of discriminating taste.

Since both the flats that we were originally offering have been sold, our company is now offering a new flat, which occupies the whole second floor of the building. With an area of 235 square metres, a layout of four rooms and a small kitchen, the flat has plenty of space and comfort for its future residents. The living room has an area of 75 square metres. Each bedroom conveniently has its own bathroom. The flat also has a walk-in closet, a powder room, and a room for energy-recovery ventilation. It is standardly equipped, including hot-water underfloor heating and smart wiring. The current offer includes garage parking in the basement of the building.

For more information please get in touch with an agent from our company.

23.3.2016 DIVADELNÍ 24

For people interested in luxury housing, we are delighted to announce that Wadia has expanded its offer of real estate in the successful project Divadelni 24 by a new flat. Located on the third floor, that flat has a layout of four rooms and kitchenette, making a total area of 255 square metres.

It also has an untraditional, U-shape layout. The spacious living room of 116 sguare metres opens grandly into the attic space with a ceiling 4,5 metres high. Each bedroom has its own comfortable bathroom. The flat also has a walk-in closet, a powder room, and a laundry room.

The flat is standardly equipped, including underfloor hot-water heating, energy recovery ventilation, and smart wiring.

The offer also includes garage parking in the first basement of the building.

There continues to be considerable demand for luxury property in the district of Prague 1. The Divadelni 24 project, offering a flat at this exceptional location, is an exceptional opportunity.

For futher information, please get in touch with a broker from our company.

11.1.2016 DIVADELNÍ 24

We have good news for people interested in luxury living ! Our company has finished the planned and announced reconstruction of the building Divadelní 24.

The work included the repair of the fasade of the building, the application of sandstone of the first floor, and replacement of all the windows.

The building now has a new reception area, whose architectural design is linked to the name of the street (Divadelní ulice, that is, Theatre Street), bringing to mind the National Theatre nearby. Thanks to the choice of material and furnishings, the ambience of the entrance area of the building is untraditional, original.

The staircase of the building, an integral part of the shared areas, is now dominated by large-format cladding with new plastering and lighting.

Compared to the original design of the building, two flats have been built on the third and fourth floors, with dispositions and finishing as the originally requested by the clients. The chosen materials attest to the high level of taste and the unusualness of the choice.

The careful execution of all the work on the exterior and interior of the building, together with the clients' satisfaction, attests to the fact that the contractor has approached the reconstruction of Divadelní 24 conscientiously and with a refined sense of detail.

The receipt of the certificate of occupancy means that the owners can now move into flats with the most beautiful and sought-after views in the capital.